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What's your Legend?

Who is your

Heroic Target Market?

Is the casting of your Legend resulting in profits or backlash?

Are you leveraging your Sales, Marketing and Efficiencies to maximize profits and sustainabilities?


The Legend People guide modern day business heroes to epic success because:

o     Legends resonate truth and hope.
o     Legends shout authenticity and trust.
o     Legends both guard and grow culture and brand.
o     Legends elevate salesmen to solution providers … business medicine men.
o     Legends communicate in a deep and meaningful way that heavy handed salesmanship cannot.
o     Legends establish an inner circle of strength by educating and inspiring in a way that traditional advertising
o     Become Legendary … we can help..

If you believe your business has the capacity to be Legendary, Legend People is accepting a limited number of organizations for our highest levels of Legend Design services. 


Qualified applicants will be advanced to an interview phase for final validation of eligibility at which time a contract will be offered and the VisionQuest experience, the first phase of the Legend Design will be scheduled. Based on your responses, we will recommend the appropriate placement, which may include a package or ala carte options in branding, marketing research, marketing consulting and our ongoing tribal membership services.

You have sown the seeds for Legend…


at Legend People, our tribe of research, marketing, consulting, and trust experts have a long history of transforming business stories and business owners into Legends.

70% of entrepreneurs began their business because they were passionate about providing a service to their target market... sometimes that passion gets lost in the details.  Legends bring clarity and eloquence to the passion of successful entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

We believe there are Legends among us, who we stand ready to serve.


Help us answer our primary question:  How can we Guide in even greater Wisdom?

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